The customer journey — start to finish

Xenio gives you a complete, real-time picture of the customer’s journey in your locations that is at once measurable and actionableUnlike beacons which can only sense an individual’s presence, the Xenio platform’s high density, high coverage BLE positioning fabric can identify and give you pinpoint accuracy of every customer, for better insight into what products, services and staff they engaged with and for how long.


An Integrated Platform

Xenio digital signs in your physical locations hold the key to unlocking the full potential of every customer visit.

Powerful Enterprise Visibility

Xenio’s proprietary positioning SDK in your mobile app enables:

  • Individual customer identification
  • Hyper-accurate positioning data
  • Breakthrough marketing and service capabilities

Simple & Smart

Through sophisticated design, our devices have been engineered to be low-profile, cost effective and maintenance free.

  • Patented high-performance antenna
  • Ethernet enabled or wireless
  • Multiple form factors to fit any physical environment
  • Seamlessly integrate with any LED fixture or standalone devices for quick retrofit
  • Future-proofed with sensor ports

Intuitive & Complete

A cloud-based web console to create and manage next-generation customer experiences.

  • Marketing campaign creation tools
  • Rules-based campaign management
  • Floor mapping and marketing zone management tools

Make the invisible, visible

Real-time customer analytics and dashboards to optimize the guest experience and the design and merchandising of your physical locations.

  • Customer identification and satisfaction metrics
  • Heatmaps, dwell times and frequency data
  • Customer congestion, velocity and traffic patterns
  • Marketing and merchandising effectiveness

Marketing for a mobile generation

Meeting the demands of today’s connected consumer can be challenging.  Only Xenio gives you the ability to track a customer’s exact position in your physical locations and make relevant, contextual connections with them through their mobile device, enhancing their brand experience.


Contextual marketing

Contact customers with push notifications and promotional offers.


“Concierge” services

Customers can request assistance to their precise location, receive turn-by-turn directions, navigate with personalized location maps, and received individualized assistance.


Empowered staff

Representatives can identify and closely monitor VIP guests, provide timely and contextual engagement and dispatch themselves in real-time.


Real-time customer feedback

Learn from your customers through highly targeted, ‘in the moment” surveys.


Post-visit marketing

Use offline behavior data to improve online personalization and ad retargeting.

Unleash the power of your mobile app

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