About Xenio Systems

We make consumers insanely happy

Xenio Systems is an IoT, enterprise SaaS company delivering a new set of capabilities to retailers, brands and retailer advertisers. Our platform brings together hardware, software, mobile apps and cloud-based connectivity to enable a more personalized and connected consumer experience.

A running start

Xenio’s team has been working on the technology since 2015 and extensively engaging with major retailers to validate the product-market fit. The company was founded in 2017 with 17+ patents across IoT, positioning, hardware and software design.

The Xenio Advantage

As a company, only Xenio brings together the necessary capabilities to take full advantage of the massive opportunity around multi-use IoT infrastructure for retail, hospitality and health/fitness industries.

  • Deep, relevant knowledge and relationships in IoT, brands and lighting.
  • Embedded technology innovation: networking and software chops
  • Proven experience in building and scaling tech partner ecosystems

Awards and acknowledgements

Our winning team, unique IP assets, and powerful business model are getting noticed!

cio review 20 most promising iot solution providers 2017

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  • RT  @rezaraji : Spot on. This is a fundamental issue in most industries but retail is suffering from it more than most. #retail #beyondbeacon… 10 months ago

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