Beyond Beacons
Are your stores ready?

Today’s retail consumers are different.  They carry a smartphone.  They’re digitally enabled and expect personalized information and interaction wherever they go.  They want an experience that takes the best of online shopping and brings it into the physical store.  Xenio makes it possible.

Listen to Xenio’s CEO, Reza Raji, talk about the company’s new platform that tracks where shoppers spend time in physical stores and its patented hyper-positioning technology on Sports Insight Extra Podcast.

IoT, smartphones and cloud, oh my…

With the combination of hardware, software, and APIs that form the patented Xenio platform, your retail app can do the seemingly impossible— give you access to the shopper insights you’ve always wanted.

‘X’ marks the spot

Traditional beacons were a good first step, but they lacked precision. Only Xenio’s patented hyper-positioning technology can pinpoint a shopper’s location within two feet and monitor them in real-time, giving retailers immediate insight into who is shopping in the store, where they are and where they went, and even what products they’ve interacted with.

Xenio’s end-to-end platform

Xenio provides retailers with unique capabilities to collect, analyze, and act on in-store shopper behavior data, making marketing and service interactions more relevant and effective.

  • Track user behavior in real time
  • Share content and offers
  • Capture timely customer feedback
  • Provide concierge shopper services
  • Build intelligence into in-store merchandising and design
  • Develop insights for post-visit online and offline marketing

Are your stores ready?

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