Superpowers for your Physical Enterprise.
Precise indoor positioning to help you improve revenue, safety, and experiences.

Measure and track real-time activity of your visitors, staff, and assets.


Accuracy Makes All the Difference

Traditional beacons lack precision. Cameras are too expensive, one-way and anonymized. Only Xenio’s hyper-positioning technology can pinpoint and track in real-time a person or asset’s position within ~2 feet, giving you immediate insight into the who, what, and where within your physical locations.


Of course, slicing and dicing the big data after the fact also enables our platform to give you insights and capabilities you never dreamed possible.


Game-Changing New Data

 Xenio provides your enterprise with unique capabilities to collect, analyze, and act on people and asset “behavior” in your physical locations.

  • Operations

    • Staff analytics (entry/exit/dwell/velocity)
    • Optimized physical indoor layout
    • People & assets tracking
    • Optimized staffing schedules
  • Safety

    • Exact real-time location of kids/patients/staff/assets
    • Indoor geofencing
  • Revenue

    • Physical to Digital attribution and re-targeting
    • Increased return visits
    • Improved mobile app engagement
  • Visitor Experience

    • “Concierge” button
    • Turn by turn navigation
    • On-the-spot checkout & service

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