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Xenio's Platform for Smart Lighting and “Beyond Lighting” IoT
Xenio Systems makes commercial buildings smarter with embedded intelligence and networking, ability to easily integrate third-party devices, a cloud-based device configuration and data-retrieval service, and vertical end-to-end hardware/software solutions for specific IoT use cases.
Smart, flexible nodes, already connected to power
Installation and maintenance costs co-funded by lighting benefits
Better Beacons™: scalable, advanced proximity and indoor positioning
Open multi-tenant platform: plug in third-party devices to bring data to third-party
operational and data analytics systems
Removes need for separate components (save cost and space)
Internal LED health sensing (monitoring)
Integrates control systems (better and cheaper than standalone versions)
Opportunity for lower-cost installation and maintenance via shared DC power
Xenio Point™ / Xenio Dash™
Integrates local intelligence and
communications capabilities
These core “brains” are installed in lighting fixtures between electricity supply and LED light source.

Xenio Point is for track lighting and downlights. It is integrated with Bridgelux® Vero® Series LED arrays. Xenio Dash (in beta) is similar to Xenio Point, but supports linear fixtures as well as track and downlight, and can be integrated by fixture manufacturers with a wide range of light source types from different providers.
Features include:
  • Powered by 48 VDC constant voltage
  • Dimming down to 0.1 percent of full brightness
  • Integrated network interfaces for lighting controls standards
  • Automatic internal temperature monitoring
  • Powers Xenio Link™ multi-purpose connectivity module
  • Sensor Socket™ feature to provide low-voltage DC power for sensors
xenio technology datasheets
Xenio LinkTM
Xenio Link™ is a Bluetooth® peripheral for Xenio Point, Dash and other future Xenio core modules. It provides three valuable functions on one wireless platform:
  • Advanced wireless beaconing functionality (Better Beacons™) to support Xenio’s Presence-based Marketing solution.
  • Wireless configuration and data “backhaul” for sensors on the Xenio platform
  • Built-in wireless controls from Xenio partners. Casambi is the first company to announce and deploy a Xenio-compatible solution that works with Xenio Link.
xenio technology datasheets
Xenio Presence-Based Marketing
(PBM) Solution
  • Increase basket size
  • Boost store visit frequency
  • Increase digital shopper engagement (web, app)
Our solution lets retailers and other consumer-traffic-intensive locations:
  • Engage shoppers with location-smart content and custom offers
  • Help shoppers find products and get help within indoor spaces
  • Continue online engagement with shoppers after and between visits
  • Exploit technology to better understand in-store behaviors
The PBM solution includes white-label iOS and Android applications or an SDK that retailers can use to embed functions within their own apps. Via the web-based back-end, store personnel set up the environment and define “if this, then that” rules for pushing location- and context-aware messages to consumers’ devices.
Xenio Cloud™
Captures smart lighting and IoT consumer data
Xenio Cloud (in beta) is a multi-tenant, API-based gateway that lets building operators (and other parties they authorize) set up and configure sensors deployed on the Xenio platform, and then securely retrieve data from them for operational and analytics uses.
Industry Collaboration: 48V DC Power Hub
Substantial cost savings from 48V DC power distribution to fixtures
We want to help building operators substantially reduce costs via 48V DC power distribution to fixtures. With Xenio Point or Xenio Dash in fixtures, there is no need for a separate driver or power supply at each fixture. Instead, a “hub” connects to AC line voltage, converts it to 48V DC, then powers 6-10 fixtures via low-cost, easy-to-install low voltage wiring…resulting in substantial reduction to the “all in” cost of buying and installing smart lighting.

We’re working with leading power electronics manufacturers and forward-looking building operators to roll out this technology. Contact us if you're interested in learning more.
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